Good Friday

Life does not always progress in the way we plan. Whenever I feel like asking “WHY, GOD?!” I think of the disciples and what they thought when Jesus was on the cross. Life did not go the way they thought it would either, so I think I am in pretty good company there.

It is ok to sit awhile in mourning during hardships. Our finite minds need time to process the circumstances and work through what we know to be true. God allows this mourning. God understands this pain. God is with us even when it feels like He has abandoned us. People will betray us and run away from our grief, but God will never forsake us even when we cannot feel his presence.

Here is the difference for those who believe in Jesus Christ: no matter how dead our Friday is, we have hope in Resurrection Sunday. But we cannot skip the long, dark hours of Friday night and the grieving hours of Saturday.

It has been a difficult time for our family as Mr. K has been out of work for 16 months, but we have hope in a living Savior. We know how the story ends better than the disciples did on that long ago day at the cross. We know Jesus is alive! That is how we get through each day as we wait in hope. We wait in faith. We wait in love.