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During a wind storm many years ago, a tall and stately tree fell down. Someone told me the tree was 30 years old.  When it was upright it had pretty green leaves on long branches and a big thick trunk. It was not a severe wind storm that knocked the tree down and no other trees nearby were damaged.  I walked over to look at the downed tree with its roots ripped out of the earth and noticed something interesting. The roots were eaten away by termites! The thriving tree above ground was quite damaged where the roots could not be seen.

Thinking about the tree with damaged roots made me contemplate marriage and how an outwardly healthy marriage could  have hidden rot. Marriage, like a tree, needs to be attended and given care.  Looking healthy on the outside is no guarantee that the roots are healthy, too.  It only takes a small crisis to take down a marriage that has no solid roots.

What are the termites eating away at the roots of your marriage? Deal with those termites quickly and thoroughly, or the next storm may take your marriage down.


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