Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello! My name is Ani Kouyoumdjian.  Don’t worry if you can’t say my name.  My Armenian name is one that most people do not attempt to pronounce.  Over the years of volunteering at my kids’ schools, some teachers and students called me Mrs. K because it was easier to say.  I am known as Mrs. K where I currently volunteer as a library aide at a local elementary school.

My favorite time to hear my name called is when I visit a lovely young married friend with five small children.  When I go to the door with a plate of PB&J sandwiches and knock, I hear a stampede of little feet and a chorus of “Mrs. K is here!  Mrs. K is here!”  The door flies opens and I am greeted with a flurry of hugs and smiles.  On some visits, my friend and I talk and laugh and fold laundry together.  On other visits, the conversation is deeper and we talk about spiritual things and end our time in prayer.

As I start this blog, I imagine myself spending a few minutes visiting with you.  Some visits may be helpful and encouraging.  Other visits may be cheerful and fun.  I hope that every time you visit me, your heart will be glad to say, “Mrs. K is here!”  Welcome to my blog!

Love & Blessings,

Mrs. K

For the interested:

Ani = “AhNee”

Kouyoumdjian = “Koo-yoom-jun”

Mrs. K is married to the wonderful and supportive Mr. K.  They will soon celebrate 28 years of marriage.  The K’s are blessed with three beautiful children, The Firstborn 22-year old Daughter, The Middle Child 19-year old Daughter, and The Boy, who will be 17 years old this summer.


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